They Have Said About Us

II. National Congress of Gastrointestinal Oncology

Hi Jasna

Thank you very much for your arrangement. In particular, I congratulate you on the success of the conference. The city of Prague is so beautiful. Thank you again.

Jiafu Ji

Jiafu Ji, MD, PhD, FACS, FRCS
President of International Gastric Cancer Association (IGCA)

President of CGCA & Peking University Cancer Hospital

ESVO Meeting Prague 2018


For me it was amazing experience and great event. I got many positive feedbacks from delegates and all were very - very positive.

And personally it was one 3 days party, thanks to YOU!! You are great speakers, experts and very friendly people, I really enjoyed and appreciate every minute with you!!

Best personal regards


MVDr. Jiří Beránek, Ph.D
Chairperson of ESVO/EESVO conference

47th EDTNA/ERCA International Conference

Dear Mrs. Vinsova

On behalf of the EDTNA/ERCA Executive Committee I would like to thank you and all GUARANT International staff for your collaboration and support in the running of the 47th EDTNA/ERCA International Conference in Genoa.

The Conference was a great success: The Conference participants from about 50 countries were satisfied with the organization and the related Conference services.

Continuing our cooperation we look forward to working with you again on the 48th EDTNA/ERCA International Conference in Prague.

Yours sincerely,

Edita Noruisiene
EDTNA/ERCA President

10th European Congress on Paediatric Anaesthesia

Dear Lucie and Nela,

Thank you so much for your hard work to prepare, organise and manage our 10th ESPA congress in Brussels. Please forward our congratulations and thanks to the team that was present in Brussels.

I hope you will be able to enjoy a few days of well-deserved holiday.

Kind regards


Francis Veyckemans
ESPA President

Prague Neurosurgical Week 2018: Unique Combination

Thanks a lot miss Jitka Puldova

We are so grateful to you and Vladimir Benes, and the all Organizing Committee of this excelent Congress.

We had a wonderfull time at Prague!!!

Please receive my warmest regards

Leónidas Quintana

Prof. Dr. Leónidas M. Quintana M.D. IFAANS

Honorary President World Federation of Neurosurgical Societies (WFNS)

Honorary President Latin American Federation of Neurosurgical Societies (FLANC)

Chairman Department of Neurosurgery-Faculty of Medicine

E&E Event 2018

Hi Pavla

I hope you all had a safe journey back to Prague last Friday?

You must have been very tired? But I know Ales enjoys driving the ‘big bus’ :-)

Big THANK YOU again to you and your team for all the hard work to make the Event run smoothly – I heard nothing but positive comments during the two days!

Kind regards


Siobhan McKelvey
Past President of Eurobitume

12th Congress of the European Laryngological Society

Dear Ludek

Many thanks for your email.

I am really delighted as to how the Congress went. The feedback that we had was excellent and the personal feedback on the scientific programme and organisation that I received was even more rewarding.

With regards the organisation from Guarant and especially from Hanka and her team, I have no hesitation to state that it was really outstanding. I remember Tomas saying that you put one of your if not the best project managers for the ELS and indeed he was right.

I would like to say that it has been a real pleasure to work with Guarant and Hanka in the organisation of this Congress. Every single detail was planned and executed with “military” precision so the Congress was a real success. Hanka and her team were outstanding in all aspects of the organisation. She was easy to talk to, extremely experienced and anticipating so all the relevant aspects of the organisation were planned and executed extremely well. The attention to detail was second to none from bags, pens, presidential address, decoration, dealing with sponsors and the long list of very important things to make the congress a real success.Despite of all the hard work, it was made really easy.

I would have no hesitation to work with Guarant and Hanka in the future and I hope we could continue to collaborate.

I am not sure if this email suffice as a report but if you have some formal feedback form, I would be delighted to complete it.

Many thanks again.

It has been a real pleasure.

With best wishes

Ricard Simo
Past President of the European Laryngological Society

EuroELSO 2018: 7th International Congress ECMO-ECLS

Dear Jitka,

This is just to express my personal and deep appreciation for the work done on the occasion of the last Euro-ELSO annual congress.

Your company made an excellent job in all point of view, from the organization, to the hospitality, to the daily control about the congress activities and logistics.

The inputs we had are great, a lot of compliments for the organization and the outstanding service you provided.

I hope to have the opportunity to collaborate again in the future.

Please, extend my appreciation to all your staff (and obviously to the endless and effective contribution of Jan Belohlavek).

With kind regards,

Prof. Dr. Roberto Lorusso
Euro-ELSO Past-Chair

Eurotox 2017: The 53rd Congress of the European Societies of Toxicology

Dear Renata, Peter and dear Guarant Intl. team,

Please let me express once more time our gratitude for a perfectly and smoothly organized congress EUROTOX 2017, that was held in September 2017 in Bratislava.

We appreciate involvement of the whole team not only long before the congress and during it, but also during the after-congress period, that serves to organizers to collect a feedback of the visitors and to close the financials related to the event.

The congress has been a big success, scientifically, socially as well as and financially and we are grateful for collaboration with your PCO on this project.

We are proud that together, we could demonstrate that Bratislava can also be an interesting congress destination.

Wishing your team a lot of success in organizing next meeting here and across the Europe.

Helena Kandarova
Executive Director, MatTek In Vitro Life Science Laboratories

ENCKEP meeting 2018 - European Network for Collaboration on Kidney Exchange Programmes

Dear Alena, Jiri, David,

We have indeed had a very special and productive meeting in Prague, and all three of you have worked very hard and well to make that happen. We cannot thank you enough for it. It is of great value for ENC KEP, for building the connections between participants, getting new participants on board, and ensuring progress on our objectives. Moreover, it will certainly have inspired future organisers to do an equally good job.

Best regards,


Prof. Joris van de Klundert
MC Chair
European Network for Collaboration on Kidney Exchange Programmes (ENCKEP)

Eurotox 2017: The 53rd Congress of the European Societies of Toxicology

Dear Helena,

You and your team have done an excellent job in making the Congress scientifically and socially a remarkable one. Hence, it is not surprising that you get this type of feedback from the participants.

Congratulations once again.

Best regards.

Mümtaz Iscan
prezident Eurotox

Eurotox 2017: The 53rd Congress of the European Societies of Toxicology

To All the Organizing Committee Members,

I would like to send my gratitudes to all for your efforts throughout the Congress (from the beginning to the end).

Both the sessions, venue, and opening ceremony were very delightful; as in previous EUROTOX Congresses, we- the delegates could not decide which session to attend! Hard to choose between several hot-topics in Toxicology...

Many thanks again,

İ.İpek Boşgelmez
Erciyes Üniversitesi, Eczacılık Fakültesi

The 2017 ESPA European Congress on Paediatric Anaesthesia

Dear Barbora,

Glasgow is now over and I am back in “real” life. It is a deep wish from myself to give you a little bit of a feedback of our cooperation. I must say that I am absolutely happy with the overall progress of our partnership. Your team was working excellent and whenever we had things to solve your team was there and absolutely supportive. It was one of my best decisions to work with Guarant as congress and association manager. Please let me take out three persons who did an outstanding job. Without their professional work it would not be that good. Lucie Prichystalova is highly qualified and it was a pleasure to work with her. She did an outstanding job and I am happy to had her on board. Her congress preparation was excellent and highly professional. I am convinced that she will do even better in Brussels because she is in charge from the very beginning. David Vedral was also very helpful and supportive. His ability to solve even difficult technical problems within very short time was remarkable. First, I thought that his App development was not so useful but at the end working with it, it was perfect. I did not expected it to work that smoothly. Good job, for sure. Last but not least I must say that the work with Association House, represented by Heather Schnacke was an absolute pleasure. Heather is smart and a skilled and a gifted diplomat too. Her ideas gave our society a new kick. Please keep her with you for a long time. She is precious like gold.

One of the really sad moments for me no longer being president of ESPA is that I have to leave your outstanding team. Thanks for this support,

Best regards,

Ehrenfried Schindler

mit freundlichen Grüßen

Dr. Ehrenfried Schindler
Asklepios Klinik Sankt Augustin GmbH

46th EDTNA/ERCA International Conference

Dear Mrs. Vinsova,

On behalf of the EDTNA/ERCA Executive Committee I would like to thank you and all GUARANT International staff for your collaboration and support in the running of the 46th EDTNA/ERCA International Conference in Krakow.

The Conference was a great success: The Conference participants were satisfied with the organization and the related Conference services.

The Executive Committee of the EDTNA/ERCA would like formally inform you about the changes regarding official positions: Evgenia Golland replaces me as a Treasurer, Maria Teresa Parisotto is our new Secretary, I will be the President of the Association and will be the designated contact for GUARANT International.

Continuing our cooperation we look forward to working with you again on the 47th EDTNA/ERCA International Conference in Genoa.

Yours sincerely,

Edita Noruisiene
EDTNA/ERCA President

The 9th International Conference on Mycorrhiza

Dear Jan,

On behalf of the IMS, I take this opportunity to thank you and the local organizing committee for such a wonderful meeting. Great science, engaged and friendly community and wonderful hosts.

Please express my deepest wishes to your colleagues. You all did an great job and ICOM9 is undoubtedly one of the best mycorrhizal conferences.

Best regards - Francis

Dr. Francis MARTIN
Head, Lab of Excellence ARBRE
UMR "Tree-Microbe Interactions"

The 85th Annual Meeting of International Commission on Large Dams

Dear Pdt Ladislav Satrapa, Dear Milan Zukal

By this email, I would like to sincerely congratulate you and your team for the great ICOLD ANNUAL MEETING that you organized in Prague. The success of this event is primordial for the activities, the image and the future of ICOLD.

We particularly appreciated your perfect organization at the Clarion Congress, the large number and quality of rooms and equipment as well as the availability of your teams.

The quality of the Symposium and workshops presentations.

The good placement of most of the booths at the exhibition and the quality of the lunches and coffee breaks.

The great General Assembly you offered with last technological tools (Automatic video, large screen, etc..), very large space and team..

The warm atmosphere of the opening ceremony as well as the unforgettable concert at the Rudolfinum Opera of Prague and other dinners on the boat and in the old presbyter etc..

The Farewell dinner was very warm and full of emotions. Of course, as you know my opinion and experimented advices, the standing cocktail / dinner is definitely not the right formula for ICOLD, as well as the transport by metro for long distances, regarding the average participants age and the ICOLD traditions.

Thanks again Ladislav and Milan for your friendship and for the so well organized week event we spent thank to your strong work of preparation and management with GUARANT International team.

Warm regards,

Michel de VIVO
Secretary General of the International Commission On Large Dams

The 22nd WONCA Europe Conference

Dear Bohumil!

I have personally expressed my sincere thanks to Renata Somolova (and Tomas).

Renata made the framework and all the technical part of your succesful conference - and she did it to excellence!! In WE EB we had a post-coference evaluation yesterday afternoon and all expressed their big satisfaction, and as I said to Renata: My high expectations to you were more than fullfilled!

With good memories from Prague,


Roar Maagaard
Liaison person

50th Annual Meeting of the European Society for Paediatric Gastroenterology, Hepatology and Nutrition

Dear Lucie,

Ioanna and myself would like to send you an official THANK YOU for all the support you provided over the last month.

ESPGHAN 2017 has been an extremely successful conference and all services you and your team offered have been highly appreciated. In addition, our cooperation went very smoothly and it was a great pleasure working with you as the very efficient, service-orientated and kind person you are.

We hope that we will be able to continue our cooperation one day in Prague or Munich. And, as you know, you are always welcome to visiting us in Munich!

With kind regards,

Katinka Kramer
Senior Project Manager

The 10th Congress of the Vascular Access Society

Dear Mr.Vocilka,

Mrs. Jitka Puldova and her colleagues were technical organizers of the 10th Congress of Vascular Access Society in Ljubljana. At the end of the Congress I would like to commend both Mrs. Jitka as well as its staff for the perfect organization of the Congress throughout the process from the arrangement at the beginning until the very conclusion. Above all, I am fascinated by the excellent cooperation and communication at all times, excellent preparation of web page of the Congress and kept up to date this site, excellent organization of accommodation for the participants , of galla dinner and all tecnical issues needed for success of the Congress. I emphasize that in all the time of preparation of the Congress and during the Congress, there was no major nor minor complication. At the end of the congress was the general opinion of the participants that the Congress was organized perfectly.

Sir, I congratulate you that you have in your organization such good team, I would like once again to thank your company and especially Mrs. Puldova and her team.

Best regards.

prof.Marko Malovrh, MD, PhD
Ljubljana, one of the organizers of the congress

NetApp Directions 2016

Hi Pavla,

Once again many thanks for the great job you have done around NetApp Directions. Without you, we would not have managed to deliver an event like this.

Have a nice evening. :)

Eva Petz
Marketing Manager MEEEAR
Middle East, Eastern Europe, Africa & Russia/CIS

The 45th EDTNA/ERCA International Conference

Dear Ms. Vinsova Barbora,

On behalf of the EDTNA/ERCA Executive Committee I would like to thank you and all partners of Guarant International very much for your collaboration and support of the 45th EDTNA/ERCA International Conference in Valencia.

The Conference was a great success and the Conference participants were satisfied with the organization and the related Conference services. It was the third time for our cooperation and we would like to express our satisfaction as well.

Continuing our cooperation we look forward to working with you again on the 46th EDTNA/ERCA International Conference in Krakow.

Yours sincerely,

Marianna Eleftheroudi
EDTNA/ERCA President ad Interim

The 2016 Eurasphalt & Eurobitume Congress

Dear Mr. Vocílka,

On behalf of the Organising Committee for the E&E Congress 2016 we wish to extend our sincere appreciate for the PCO service provided by GUARANT International and all your team involved in this project from start to finish.

Commitment and focus to planning and implementation needs according to the specific requirements of our congress were overall handled very satisfacorily.

In particular, we wanted to highlight the contribution from your project manager, Jitka Puldova.

Every event has its own set of challenges. Managing these was made easier with the confidence that we had the support from a calm, consistent, positive and proactive solution provider. This support we experienced from Jitka in her role as our focal person certainly added value to the project that can´t always be directly measurex but was definitely felt internally to the E&E team.

The excellent end result was proof ot what we achieved from working effectively together and we hope you also have the same conclusion.

With kind regard

E&E 2016 Organising Committee

Egbert Beuving,
Chairman of the Organising Committee
Chairman of Foundation Eurasphalt

The European Conference on Information Literacy

Dear ECIL Organizers,

Many thanks to all of you for a splendid conference, due in large part to your extraordinary hard work!

I really appreciated so much the attention to detail, as well as the innovations--inviting poster presenters to speak about their posters; arranging for IT people to be present in each workshop room; arranging for a fun photo shoot; holding the conference sessions so conveniently and so well planned in the hotel where we were staying; and, managing every detail so meticulously! I've planned smaller conferences myself, and I know how very much work it is. Thank you all again!


Esther Grassian, MLS
Adjunct Lecturer, UCLA Information Studies Dept.
Adjunct Librarian (Pierce College)
Information Literacy Consultant & Lecturer
Distinguished Librarian (UCLA), Emerita


Dear Pavla Kozakova,

Congratulations on a great meeting, perfectly organised and great fun too.

Everything was just perfect!

Thanks a lot.

Dr. Maria de la Mota
Permanent Secretary UEMS ORL Section and Board
Velazquez, Madrid

ESHS 2016: The 7th International Conference of the European Society for the History of Science

Dear Ms Vinsova and Mr Vocilka,

As president of the European Society for the History of Science, I was the coorganizer of the meeting of the society last week in Prague.

I want to let you know that we have been very satisfied with the excellent performance of your team for the conference, and thanks to them, the conference was a big success. They were devoted to their work, responsible people, and extremely nice. Congratulations for having gathered such a team.

All best

Karine Chemla

Prof. Dr. Karine Chemla
Centre national de la recherche scientifique Paris (CNRS)

ESHS 2016: The 7th International Conference of the European Society for the History of Science

Dear colleagues of the Guarant ESHS meeting,

Thanks to your hard work and kindness and efficiency, we had a great conference last week. Everybody will remember forever. This was a great contribution you made for the construction of Europe, and I want to thank you for this wholeheartedly.

Cheers, and perhaps till soon in Paris!

Karine Chemla

Prof. Dr. Karine Chemla
Centre national de la recherche scientifique Paris (CNRS)

Ava Autumn Meeting 2016

Dear Lucie, Iva and Petra,

I did not have a change to say goodbye to you all personally.

You have been absolute great in supporting us to make it a great and smooth running conference.

Thank you very much and maybe we can mean something for each other in the future.

Best of luck with Guarant and your personal carreers!

Joost Uilenreef

J.J. Uilenreef DVM, MVR, DipECVAA
PhD fellow in Neurophysiology
Departments of Clinical Sciences of Companion Animals & Farm Animal Health
Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, Utrecht University

The 19th MFC Annual Conference

Dear Grzegorz,
Dear Viktoria,
Dear MFC team,
Dear Guarant team,

Allow me to thank you again on behalf of all AMA's members for the successful organisation of the MFC conference in Tirana last week. We were definitely more than happy to see how smoothly went everything and hope that this is a shared feeling among all the participants. Your experienced and careful handling allowed us to adequately capitalize and promote the sector as never done before so again thank you for all your cooperation.

Thank you

Akil Kraja
Secretary General
Albanian Microfinance Association

The 2016 Eurasphalt & Eurobitume Congress

Dear Jitka,(Puldova)

I hope that you are satisfied with the E&E Congress 2016 we organised.
Once again, thanks for all the work you did.
I got a lot of positive feedback. The attendees were really satisfied.
Best regards,
Egbert Beuving
Secretary General
European Asphalt Pavement Association

The 2016 Eurasphalt & Eurobitume Congress

Dear Jitka, Karel, Anna, (Puldova, Suchy and Adamkova)

I hope that you managed to have a good and relaxing weekend after the congress. I would like to say a sincere ‘Thank you’ for all of the hard work you contributed to make the congress a great event, I know that you do this kind of thing every day, but for us it is something that does not happen so often… Your expertise and dedication has made the congress a very special meeting and I have heard many people saying that it was well organised.

Thanks again for your hard work and I look forward to seeing you again after the Summer for the final Organising Committee meeting of the E&E Congress 2016.


Mike Southern

Mike Southern
Bituconsult Limited
Technical Director for Eurobitume

EOS 2016 European Obesity Summit

Dear Veronika and Gabriela (Brejchova and Habartova),

Thank you very much for the pictures and for all the help before and during the congress. I was really happy about it, the feedback was really great and we hope to continue either together with EASO in a next EOS or before in meetings of IFSO-EC and EASO separately where we will need the help of GUARANT. You all made really good advertisement for your company.

Best regards Ralph
PD Dr. med. Ralph Peterli
Claraspital, Switzerland
Member of the Program Committee


Dear colleagues from Guarant,

…I am forwarding to you the short e-mail, which I received on Wednesday night from Kathleen Rowan, the auditor of HSUS. She informed me that the US tax revision service (US Internal Revenue Service) has accepted the budget of WC9 that was submitted by HSUS.

I really appreciate the help of Pavla Kozakova and her team at GUARANT International during the months of February until May 2016, who provided copies of all documents, which the auditors of ACT requested in February and the additional information and documents, which were requested from HSUS in April and May by the US IRS.

I want to thank everybody at Guarant, who helped me to provide ACT, HSUS and the US IRS with the information that was requested within a very short time frame…

With the best wishes

as ever

Horst Spielmann
Prof. Dr. Med. Horst Spielmann

International Symposium on Biomedical Imaging: From Nano to Macro

Good Afternoon Pavla (Kozakova),

Thank you again for all of your hard work on site and leading up to the conference.

Thank you,

Janice Sandler

Janice Sandler

Associate Conference Planner

Engineering in Medicine and Biology Society - IEEE

European Habitat

Dear friends from Czech Republic,

with this message, we would like to say THANK YOU for the great collaboration with you in the preparation of our Steering Committee Meeting during the Habitat III Regional Meeting in Prague. It was a pleasure working with you, and we very much appreciate all you have done to support our meeting. Thank you very much to the Czech Government for hosting us.

We hope to see you again one day, and should you come to Nairobi please let us know.

Warm regards from the World Urban Campaign team!

Devina Meinzingen

Campaign & Partnerships Consultant

World Urban Campaign

Advocacy, Outreach & Communications Branch

United Nations Human Settlements Programme, UN-Habitat

The 2015 International Association Of Institutes Of Navigation World Congress

Dear Pavla (Kozakova),

I write as the outgoing IAIN Secretary General to thank you and your team for looking after us so well at our World Congress in Prague. I realise that you were thanked in person during the closing Plenary, but I wish to add my personal appreciation for making my own responsibilities run so easily.The pre-meetings, Congress and social events all ran very smoothly and your team were extremely helpful as well as being most pleasant company.I know that two members of your company are in continuing talks with our hierarchy with a view to similar help in the future; I hope that this goes well.As I hand over to Simon Gaskin, I wish you and your team all the best for the future.


David Broughton

Gp Capt D W Broughton MBE BA Hon FRIN RAF Retd Outgoing Secretary General International Association of Institutes of Navigation

Cardiac Services 2015

Dear Mrs. Krizkova,

I am writing to express my sincere thanks and gratitude for the event your company hosted for Cardiac Services on Friday 30th October. This was a very important event for us for many reasons and, I have to say, your staff surpassed all my expectations on every level. Everything went perfectly, everything was just right and nothing was a problem. The feedback from our customers has been superb. The hosting and organisation of the evening was highly professional with great attention to detail in all areas. I would especially like to thank Renata Somolova for the sheer excellence of service and dedication to her job. Throughout the organisation of the evening. Renata was very patient and professional as I was trying to arrange the night at very short notice and no doubt it put her under pressure as well. She was extremely helpful and knowledgeable and seemed to know exactly what I wanted to achieve on the night. Renata is a credit to your organisation and I am sure she will continue to be very successful in her career at your company. Thanks once again for such a great night and I look forward to having the pleasure of visiting you again one day.

Yours sincerely,
Cardiac Services Ltd.
Mark Peacock
GB Director

The 15th European Congress On Clinical Neurophysiology 2015

Dear Renata and Marcela, (Rajtorová and Somolová),

To start, I'd like to congratulate you and your colleagues for the nice meeting organization. All was perfect (meeting room, lunch, speakers, hotel, city, information desk, ...).

Best Regards,
Dr. Laurent KOESSLER (Ph.D)

ESCV 2014

Dear Alena (Sanders),
Once again I have to thank you so much for an outstanding job both before and during the congress. I hope that you are also satisfied and I have a really good feeling overall. Before leaving the hall a few people along with myself stopped and thanked the participants from Brazil, Iran, the doctor from Australia and they were all glad that they flew so far and that the trip was worth it. Its something that Prague had yet to see, so I'm glad that Prof. Prymula, who has been to hundreds of congresses, said it was the best microbiological Congress he has ever been to.

Have a nice day and I look forward to your response.
Vlasta Štěpánová
President of the Local Preparatory Committee

GLIF 2015

Dear Jan, Klára, Michal and Lucie,

On behalf of the GLIF leadership, I'd like to thank you for hosting the 15th Global LambdaGrid Workshop in Prague. I thought the organisation was (as ever) excellent and it was a pleasure to work with you all.
I know that a number of other staff were involved in the organisation, so I'd appreciate it if you could also pass on our thanks for all their help and assistance. Thanks should also be extended to CESNET, as well as all the sponsors for their support.

Thanks once again,
Kevin Meynell


Dear Lenka (Hovorková),
I want to express many thanks to you for all your work in preparing and implementing the recently finished EACMFS 2014 Congress. So far based only on the preliminary recap of last week, I can see the overall progress of the congress was very successful, which undoubtedly is mainly due to your personal commitment and professionalism. To this we add thanks to your entire implementation team who helped in preparing the congress, as well as to all those who took care of the flawless running of the congress at the KCP.
There was a lot of positive feedback and thanks from congress participants. The EACMFS Executive Committee highly appreciated the organization of congress by GUARANT International.
EACMFS Executive Committee representatives referred to the XXII Congress as a "keystone event" in the history of the association.

Thank you,
MD. Daniel Hrušák, PhD.
Senior Stomatology Clinic Doctor
FN Plzeň


Dear Organizers,
From the heart, we would like to thank you and your colleagues for organizing the congress!
Graciela Kronicz
European Society of Criminology

The 17th Annual Meeting Of ESCV 2014

Dear Vlasta and Alena (MUDr. Štěpánová Ph.D., Chair, ESCV and Sanders),
This is just a final thank you in behalf of all my colleagues of the ESCV for this wonderful meeting, the perfect organisation, the nice program and all your hospitality.

Best regards
Elizabeth Puchhammer-Stoeckl
Scientific Comittee

IMC 2014

Dear Lucie (Přichystalová),
Thank you for your kind message and all Superwoman support over the last months and certainly last week!
I was very positively surprised how good the entire IMC was organized with many details, signs for all delegates and very friendly organization team and all these hosts with the FEI logo on their breasts… every time I had to check if it was indeed our logo. You did a very professional job, keeping all other team members sharp and when I was observing you in the corridor each day you had a critical eye and ear for details.
It was nice team work between your and our team, all in friendly and still professional atmosphere.
Im sure we keep in touch Lucie. Success with next events!

With warmest regards,

The 9th World Congress On Alternatives And Animal Use In The Life Sciences

Dear Iva (Hanušová),
thank you for your tireless and loyal support throughout WC9, which is a major reason that all of the participants enjoyed the wonderful conference in a unique environment and atmosphere. I really enjoyed your support and it was a pleasue to work with you. I will never be able to acknowledge my gratitude properly to you.
I am still amazed that I got so many positive responses from around the world.
I hope you and your colleagues from GI have been able to relax over the weekend.

With the best regards to all members of your staff,
Horst Spielmann
Congress Co-chair


Dear Jiri (doc. PhDr. Buriánek, CSc. Chair, EUROCRIM),
many thanks to you and to the whole Prague Organizing Committee for your generous hospitality in Prague! I really enjoyed the Conference and also the stay in your beautiful city!
Thank you very very much indeed,
best wishes,
Dario Melossi
University of Bologna, Italy

The 15th International Workshop On Targetry And Target Chemistry

Dear Mrs. Brejchova,
Just after returning home I have the urgent need to express my highest admiration to you and your team. As I feeled all aims were kept and overtoped. Maybe, you had to arrange something in between - but the participants didn't recognize it. All the best for the future - and I wish you agreeable customers for the future!

With kindest regards
Prof. Dr. Joerg Steinbach
Geschäftsführender Direktor
Institut für Radiopharmazeutische Krebsforschung Helmholtz-Zentrum Dresden-Rossendorf

Arena Water Instinct 2.0 - Fashion Show 2014

Dear All,
As mentioned last week, I would like to thank you all for the outstanding result we have achieved on the occasion of the Arena SS15 International Sales Meeting in Dubrovnik. Your professionalism, competence and commitment have made a difference to make the event a great success for the company. Since last week we have been receiving enthusiastic feedbacks from our colleagues of other Arena Departments and from many of our guests, both about the fashion show at Fort Lovrijenac and the business presentations management and branding at Radisson Blue hotel. I hope that we will have the chance to work together again in the future.
All the best,
Eva Vitali
Marketing Manager
International Business Arena Italia S.p.A.

The 16th MFC Annual Conference

Dear Iva (Hanušová),
I would like to use this opportunity to thank you for remarkable job that you and your all team have done organizing conference of MFC in Montenegro. It is not to easy to explain how many people from MFI sector positively reacted, but I would say they were more than satisfied with organization. Very big number of participants concluded that this was the best conference so far organized by MFC. I have special responsibility to thank you as Montenegrin, knowing how it is challenging to organize such a demanding event in Montenegro. Without any doubts, I am sure that you and your team did tremendous efforts to overcome many issues, and make this event running smoothly.
I wish you a lot of success in the future work.
Luka Djurovic
MFI Alter Modus LLC

The 8th Congress Of The Vascular Access Society 2013

Dear Jan Malik,
I would like to congratulate you on big success of the congress you organized. We thank you so much for your warm welcome and friendship.
We learned a lot from the presentations and we also enjoyed Gala Dinner and the beautiful historical city. I will report on what happened at the Prague Congress at our annual meeting in this September.
Wish you a lot of success!
Seiji Ohira (JAPAN)
President of JSDA

The 2012 WPA International Congress

Dear Barbora (Vinšová),
I would like to thank you most sincerely for your warm hospitality during the Prague WPA International congress as well as all the arrangements you and your team did on behalf of the WPA more precisely for the WPA EC/Board/Council meetings and the WPA Standing and Operational Committee meetings. All meetings went very smoothly due to your perfect supervision and your excellent staff. It was a real pleasure for me to work with you and your staff.

With my warmest regards,
Francesca Sotgiu
WPA Secretariat
Geneva University Psychiatric Hospital

The XV. International Conference Of Historical Geographers

My wife, Susan, and I attended all five days of the conference. We have nothing but praise for all the preparations you did and we found the entire experience uplifting and totally memorable. Every event was carefully planned. The meal, entertainment and boatride was wonderful.
We also appreciated the "blue army" members who facilitated all the events. It was quite impressive. And to be able to run concurrent sessions for as many participants as you had couldn't have gone more smoothly. You had everything planned down to the smallest detail. In short, we thank you for all you did and can't think of anything you could have done better.
Congratulations on a very successful conference. We'll never forget it.
Richard and Susan Nostrand
University of Oklahoma
Norman, Oklahoma USA

The 15th MFC Annual Conference

Dear Grzegorz (Galusek, Executive Director, MFC),
I wanted to give you a very positive feedback on GUARANT International; it was a great pleasure working with them and everything was organized very smoothly and in a perfect way.
I am already happy to announce you that we certainly will continue to support the MFC Conference as a gold sponsor in 2013.
Wish you a great time.

Best regards,
Vanessa Maruccia Bellido
Marketing & Communications
responsAbility Social Investments AG

Association Management For The European Society Of Clinical Neuropharmacology ESCNP

Dear Friends,
It was for me a honour and also a big pleasure to serve as the ESCNP President. I appreciated very much the unique opportunity to meet excellent personalities within the ESCNP.
I would like to thank all of you who actively supported the ESCNP and Dita Kráělováě from Guarant who provided an excellent secretary service. I wish Johannes Thome a very successful presidency.
Long live the ESCNP!!!!

Best regards to all of you
Prof. MUDr. Ivan Rektor, CSc.
Head, First Department of Neurology, St. Anne´s Hospital and School of Medicine, Masaryk University
President, European Society for Clinical Neuropharmacology

The 2nd International Congress: Anesthesia For Seniors (2012)

Dear, Renata Somolova, Martina Srncova, Anna Revayova, Petr Brincil.
On behalf of Organizing Committee of the 2nd International Congress: Anesthesia for Seniors, held in Prague, June 7 - 9, 2012 I would like to congratulate and thanks for perfectly prepared, organized all portion of meeting (lectures, abstracts, industrial exhibits, registration, social events, publicity, accommodations for Faculty members, and all other work concerning congress).
Your representation as the GUARANT international was in very high level of performance and productivities.
We are looking forward for many future function with your organization.

Thank you again and congratulation for work well done!
Professor George Silvay, M.D, Ph.D.
Professor of CardiothoracicAnesthesiology
Mount Sinai School of Medicine

The ESH Satellite Symposium

Thank you very much for the excellent organization, we had very good feed-backs!

Best regards,
Vladislava Ribeaux
Servier International - Secteur Europe de I´Est

The 11th Global Conference On Ageing

Dearest Jitka (Puldová),

I wanted so much to thank the GI team for their hard work and especially you for your encouragement, support and your patience with all that was going on before and during the conference. You have great fortitude and I admire that very much - I will never forget some of those funny moments we shared discreetly and the lovely, generous friendship we share over many months.
Be well dear Jitka and thank you once again for your hard and committed work.

Warmest regards
Dr Jane M. Barratt
Secretary General
International Federation on Ageing

The 2nd Continental Congress Of Dermatology/The 4th Russian Congress Of Dermatovenereology 2011

Dear all,
I would like to take this opportunity to thank all of the co-chairs and speakers who participated in the 2011 ISD meeting in St. Petersburg, Russia. This meeting was a big success in one of the most beautiful cities in the world. We would not have been able to have had such a wonderful meeting if it were not for all of your great lectures, dedication and enthusiasm for this meeting.
Special gratitude is extended to the entire Guarant team for all of their hard work in organizing the event.
I look forward to working with all of you at future conferences.

Warm regards,
Keyvan Nouri, MD
Scientific Committee Chair
Professor of Dermatology & Otolaryngology; Richard Helfman Professor of Dermatologic Surgery; Director of Mohs, Dermatologic & Laser Surgery; Director of Surgical Training; Department of Dermatology & Cutaneous Surgery;University of Miami Leonard M. Miller School of Medicine; Chief of Dermatology at Sylvester Comprehensive Cancer Center/University of Miami Hospital and Clinics

The 14th MFC Annual Conference

Hi Iva (Hanušová),
Basically I would like to say thank you to all of you for very professional support to this conference. I think we managed to put together a very good event. Most participants that I spoke with (but also evaluations indicate this) were very happy about the conference. I appreciated your constant availability, flexibility and ability to come up with quick and cost-effective solutions. Thanks!
I look very much look forward to the discussions about the cooperation next year

Best regards,
Grzegorz Galusek
Executive Director
Microfinance Centre (MFC)
Warsaw, Poland

The 36th International Conference On Acoustics, Speech And Signal Processing 2011

Dear Ms. Křížková,
After more than 2 years of preparations, the 36th International Conference on Acoustics,Speech and Signal Processing took place in Prague. Local arrangements were provided by your company. Let us express our recognition and thanks to your company - the preparatory works as well as the conference itself went smoothly and we appreciated professionalism and experience of your company in all the activities you were responsible for, ranging from registration to accounting of the conference. The international visitors told us at several occasions that ICASSP 2011 was a memorable event. We also appreciated a true personal involvement of your team members in the success of the conference.
We look forward to cooperation on possible future events.

With best regards
Ing. Petr Tichavský, CSc.
Institute of Information Theory and Automation
Doc. Dr. Ing.Jan Černocký
Brno University of Technology
Prof. Ing. Aleš Procházka, CSc.
Institute of Chemical Technology

The 36th International Conference On Acoustics, Speech And Signal Processing (ICASSP)

Hi Renata (Somolová),
It was a pleasure to work with you and your team - really professional services, some of our wishes were fulfilled even before we spoke them ;-)

Doc. Dr. Ing. Jan Černocký
Head of Computer Graphics and Multimedia Department

The 36th International Conference On Acoustics, Speech And Signal Processing (ICASSP)

Hi Renata (Somolová)!
I just wanted to send a quick thank you to you and the entire event team for all your help! Everyone was professional, organized and it all felt incredibly smooth and easy. From our experience at other events, that is not always the case, so we very much appreciate when it does go well!
We hope the rest of the event goes great for you, and thanks once again.
Brett Murray
Executive Marketing &Strategic Relationships
Nokia Research Center Palo Alto, California USA

The International Academy of Sex Research (IASR)

Dear Lenka (Hovorková),
I firstly want to thank you and Jitka again - you really did a great job and it has been a real pleasure working with you both - You were always very responsive and the meeting was extremely well-organized!!
Best wishes,
Cynthia A. Graham, PhD
Journal of Sex Research
Lecturer in Psychology, School of Social Sciences

Pulmonary Circulation 2010

Dear Eva, Dear Jana, (Klimková and Pekná)
I just have a few words to express my gratitude for all your kindness and consideration during the Pulmonary Circulation Prague 2010. I truly believe that it was indeed an excellent and very well organized meeting. You two were wonderful. Once more, Congratulations!!!
Kisses and warm regards,
Julio Sandoval MD
Presidente del Grupo de Estudio Latinoamericano para HAP

Pulmonary Circulation 2010

Dear friends,
I would like to thank you again for your continuing help in preparing our PC 2010 meeting in Prague. Due to our common effort we can consider that this meeting was successful and I am looking forward to our further cooperation. Here, I would like also express deep thanks to Jana Pekna and Eva Klimkova, these ladies worked hard and you could see it and feel it during our conference!
Have my best regards from beautiful Prague and I wish you all the best for the future.
Prof. MUDr. Michael Aschermann, DrSc.
Chair of the Organising Committee
II. Department of Internal Medicine, General Faculty Hospital in Prague
Czech Cardiology society

The International Conference "Conservation Turn: Return To Conservation Challenges And Chances In A Changing World“

Dear Zuzana (Šeps),
for Your Engagement and perfect coordination my best thanks.
Such a unforgettable meeting obliges to seek for new contacts and challenges for continuation our search of tools for maintenance values we share on this fragile world. You and Your czech colleagues represent most visible national values - culture - and I shall encourage You and all around You to continue the defence of that treasure.
Expressing my warmest thanks for Your hospitality.
Prof.Dr. Ojars Sparitis
Head of the Department for Doctoral Studies, Latvian Academy of Arts

The International Conference "Conservation Turn: Return To Conservation Challenges And Chances In A Changing World“

Dear Zuzana (Šeps),
It was a most memorable conference - strenuous debate and splendid papers on the one hand, and really marvellous visits on the other.Thank you for being such a brilliant Project Manager - ever-patient, ever-resourceful (though even you could not 'magic' the Marathon away!), ever-kind, and ever-anticipating what might work best to keep us in good spirits and well-organised. The three great historic houses we visited were all very special and such a wonderful contrast one another: for me the chance to witness Baroque dance and to hear enchanting Baroque music was perhaps the absolute perfect moment of the whole occasion - I lost all count of time and it was simply spell-binding! Thank you again, a thousand times, for being such a wonderful organiser and for ensuring that the conference went so smoothly and became so memorable.
Best wishes
Professor Peter Burman MBE FSA
Arts & Heritage Consultant in Germany & the UK

The Organ Donors Conference: Concerning The Organ Donor Selection Criteria And The Options For Their Expansit

I would like to thank you for the excellent organization of the conference and for the hospitality of the entire GUARANT team.
Hana Zoubková
KAM Transplantology
Astellas Pharma

ISCB 2009

I would like to express my personal gratitude to the helpfulness andprofessionalism of your team throughout our long term cooperation. Your team has significantly helped the worthy celebration of the 30 anniversary of the ISCB as well as the smooth running of the preparation and organization of major international conferences.
I wish you and your team at GUARANT spol. s r.o. big success in your future work.
Doc. Mgr. Zdeněk Valenta, MSc., PhD.
Předseda Organizačního výboru ISCB 2009
Předseda Mezinárodní¬ Společnosti pro Klinickou Biostatiku v České Republice, o.s.

The 5th Convention Of The European University Association

Thank you very much again for an unforgettable EUA Convention in Prague! Its not easy organizing 500 academic participants in such a tight programme full of plenary sessions, breakout sessions and side meetings.We appreciated how much extra work this conference added to your normal responsibilities and could see that you all took a personal interest to ensure the success of the Convention.
Réka Sipos
Events Manager
EUA - European University Association

The 2003 International Olympic Committee Meeting

I would like to pass on my warmest congratulations as well as those of the Czech Olympic Committee for the excedent organization of the 115th Session of the International Olympic Committee in Prague. The meeting ran flawlessly and was highly appreciated by delegates thanks to your comprehensive work assignment, organization skills and immense experience.
Dr. Milan Jirásek
Chairman, Czech Olympic Committee


I wish to commend on your job well done in connection with 2000 IMF/WBG Annual Meetings of the Boards of Governors in Prague. Your staff was very courteous, friendly, helpful and extremely resourceful. They handled high pressure situations well and worked as a team fostering a good spirit.
Sue Vittas
Joint Secretariat, International Monetary Fund / The World Bank Group

The 1997 NATO Conference

I would like to thank you for your excellent work at the congress, both organizational and technical. I am well aware of the fact the organization of such an event like this requires enormous hard work from everyone involved. Therefore, I am pleased to say that the organization was perfect.The viewis shared by both the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Czech Republic and the North Atlantic Treaty Organization.
Karel Kovanda
Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Czech Republic