Core PCO

Core PCO

Our Core PCO services allow clients/international associations to fully utilize the potential of their conferences and to plan for more than one conference period. We usually organize a series of three to five congresses for given international associations.

Long-term cooperation is linked with knowledge of the specific requirements of clients and allows us to more effectively organize conferences with tailor-made solutions, regardless of the chosen destination.

Consistency, continuity and efficiency are key attributes of the Core PCO services provided by our company, while enhancing the value of the client's efforts in the eyes of the participants, communities and other strategic partners.

Tomas Raboch
Core PCO Senior Sales Manager

M.: +420 607 651 874
E-mail: raboch@guarant.cz
Web: www.corepco.com
Core PCO/Events Abroad References
We proudly serve:

The European Dialysis and Transplant Nurses Association/The European Renal Care Association

2014 Riga, 2015 Dresden, 2016 Valencia, 2017 Krakow
Core PCO since 2013
1,000 participants

The International Federation for the Surgery of Obesity and Metabolic Disorders European Chapter

2016 Gothenburg, 2018 Athens, 2020 St. Petersburg
Core PCO since 2015
600 participants

The Microfinance Centre

2011 Prague, 2012 Tbilisi, 2013 Budva, 2014 Istanbul, 2015 Prague, 2016 Tirana, 2017 Bosna and Hercegovina
Core PCO since 2011
450 participants

The World Association of Sexual Health

2015 Singapore, 2017 Prague, 2019 Mexico
Core PCO since 2014
1,000 participants

The European Society for Paediatric Anaesthesiology

2014 Prague, 2015 Istanbul, 2016 Belgrade, 2017 Glasgow, 2018 Brussels
Core PCO since 2013
400 participants

The Vascular Access Society

2013 Prague, 2017 Ljubljana, 2019 Budapest
Core PCO since 2015
600 participants